Slim Belly - started in the USA and Canada

Slim Belly arrives in North America!

Slim Belly was presented the first time in North America at the CanFitPro Tradeshow in Toronto in August.
There was an enormous positive resonanz about the singular Airpressure Bodyforming Concept from all visitors.

Slim Belly TV Announcements

Slim Belly

Slim Belly on CBS Philly and CBS Miami!

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Slim Belly 2.0

Slim Belly mobile

Flexibility Makes The Difference

The new portable, flexible Slim Belly 2.0 is great for aerobic classes, cardio workouts and most outdoor activities.

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Best Stand Alone Concept 2011

It came as a unexpected surprise when Slim Belly won the BodyLIFE “Best Stand Alone Concept 2011” Award, beating out two other well-known, industry leading fitness concepts. Five hundred fitness clubs determined that Slim Belly was overall the best and most successful concept on the market today. It is a phenomenal achievement for a system that was introduced only 4 years ago. In 2nd place was the popular PowerPlate, followed by Les Mills in 3rd place.

Scientifically Proven!

Slim Belly Helps Reduce Fat

Slim Belly, the newest revolution in targeted fat reduction, was tested in a controlled study at a well-known sports clinic in Austria. The comprehensive study provided substantial proof that the Airpressure Bodyforming System is an effective, safe way to reduce fat in specific areas.

Scientific Study


The Latest Innovation in Body Shaping

Slim Belly

The Revolutionary Figure Forming System!

The Airpressure Bodyforming system promotes fast and long-lasting figure forming enhancements. Lose up to two dress/pants sizes in only 4 weeks using the revolutionary alternating air pressure system. Over 600,000 satisfied clients in over 1000 Locations throughout Europe confirm the results.

The Slim Belly Method

The Combination Makes It Possible!

Unparalleled success in a short period of time can be attained through light aerobic exercise in combination with Slim Belly®, along with the proper nutrition plan. A brilliantly simple weight loss system. If you want to know more about the product or where to try it out at....

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Susan Jones

Results after 4 weeks: I lost 10 pounds and 4 inches in my waistline (measured in two places). I had so much fun during the 4 week Slim Belly® Trial. I also had a lot more 'get up and go' than before! I’m definitely going to continue with the program. I’ve also joined my Slim Belly gym as a regular member. 

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